6 Ways Surfers Can Use Our Portable Beach Showers

While our Beach Showers have myriad uses, there's no skirting around the fact that surfers absolutely love 'em.

From casual wave riders seeking an easier way to rinse their gear after a surf to core lord surfers who want to extend their surf time before work, we're not being hyperbolic when we say they're a gamechanger for frothers both in Oz and around the world.

Here are just a few of the ways in which our Beach Showers have made being a surfer easier!

Rinse off and refresh post-surf

There's nothing quite like the feeling of a good surf with the salty sea spray and the adrenaline coursing through your veins. But the transition from the lineup to the office or job site can often be a sticky one (both figuratively and literally).

Our portable Beach Showers offer a simple and efficient solution, allowing surfers like yourself to rinse off the sea salt and refresh immediately after a session.

This isn't just about comfort - it's about enabling a seamless transition from the beach to professional life. Imagine trading in the feel of your damp, sandy wetsuit for the freshness of a quick shower and being ready to take on the world in just a few minutes!

With a Beach Shower, you don't have to worry about being late for work or feeling uncomfortable throughout the day. Instead, you can go from catching waves to catching up on work while feeling fresh and invigorated.

Wash your surfboard and wetsuit

Proper maintenance of your surfboard and wetsuit is crucial not only for hygiene but also for prolonging their lifespan.

When it comes to wetsuits, salt and other natural elements can degrade the neoprene material, causing it to lose its flexibility and warmth. By thoroughly rinsing your wetsuit with fresh water after each use and occasionally using a specialised wetsuit cleaner like Adreno Wetsuit Wash, you help preserve its original condition, extend its life and save money on buying a replacement prematurely.

As for your surfboard, a little excess salt or sand isn't going to damage it. To ensure that they don't work their way into your car upholstery though, you'll want to give your equipment a good rinse with our portable Beach Showers.

Clean the sand from your feet

There's nothing more irritating than those grains of sand that refuse to leave your feet, only to find their way into your car or your home.

With our portable Beach Showers, you can say sayonara to even the most stubborn, sticky sand.

A quick but powerful blast using a Beach Shower will effortlessly remove the clingy sand from your feet (and any other crevice for that matter). This means you won't have to worry about dragging sand all through your clean vehicle or bringing it inside once you get home.

Essentially, with a Beach Shower in your kit, you can surf wherever you want while ensuring sand stays where it belongs - on the beach, not in your car or carpet!

Warm up after a nippy winter surf session

Mist on the water's surface, frost on the grass and icy chill in the air keeping you from surfing? Don't let cooler conditions stop you from getting yours - our Beach Showers can ensure you score even when the mercury drops!

Fill them up with hot water before your session (max 50 degrees Celsius). Then, throw it in the boot or ute tray and head out for a surf.

So long as the insulating neoprene cover is on and your Beach Shower isn't directly exposed to freezing cold winds, you can return from a nippy morning or evening session and enjoy a luxuriously warm shower in the carpark!

Seriously, it's like a mini spa experience after a cold surf session. So don't let the winter blues get you down - grab one of our Beach Showers and catch more waves, surf longer and make the most of those dreamy offshore days.

Ensure your hair stays soft and salt-free

Got a hot date after a surf session? Want to freshen up before meeting your mates for a beer? Not keen on spending the rest of the day with crusty eyebrows or matted hair?

Don't worry... our Beach Showers have your back.

Give it a few pumps and place it on the roof of your car or in your ute tray. Then, use the nozzle to give your hair a solid rinse. You'll quickly remove any salt or sand from your head and give your hair a glossy finish.

Plus, you won't have to worry about the chlorine in public showers - or worse, the ocean's salt water stripping away essential oils and proteins from your hair.

So go ahead and use our Beach Showers to keep your hair looking shiny, soft and healthy… even after a marathon surf session!

Emergency first aid at the beach

Let's be real: our Beach Showers shouldn't be your first line of defence when it comes to surf injuries.

That said, having a Beach Shower on hand after an accident can help with cleaning and rinsing the wound or otherwise soothing a nasty sting. By gently spraying the injured area, you can wash away detritus or anything that could put you at risk of infection.

As for stings (we're looking at you, bluebottles), a freshwater rinse when you have no other freshwater source nearby can really help mitigate pain and swelling so you can seek further medical attention.


We hope we've given all you frothers out there enough reasons to bag a Beach Shower for your next surf adventure.

From rinsing off to warming up and even impressing a hot date with your soft, glossy hair, these babies are time savers and surfing sidekicks that every shredder will love!

Say goodbye to salt-induced discomfort and sandy car seats. Grab a Beach Shower today and let your only worry be where to surf next!

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