What Are Your Most Beloved Beach Shower Features?

While we aren't the first brand to sell beach showers, we're certainly the first brand to specialise in making the Beach Shower.

It all started when we cobbled together our “franken-shower” in 2017. Since then we've done our best to create a product that makes life easier for outdoor lovers like yourself (and us!) by allowing you to rinse off or wash up on the go.

No joke, to say we're passionate about Beach Soul® Beach Showers is the understatement of the century, but what makes our Beach Shower products different from other portable shower brands?

We asked past purchasers what their favourite features of our Beach Soul® Beach Showers were. What follows are the qualities that we believe help people like you live their best life - sand-free, salt-free and stress-free.


So easy to use that even kids can get in on the act

To all you mums and dads out there, we hear you.

Juggling family life, work and good old rest and relaxation can be tricky. So when there are opportunities for the kids to help out, we say "Heck yes"!

In the case of the Beach Soul® Beach Shower, we came up with an uncomplicated design that ensures everyone can use them - regardless of age (within reason). Just unscrew the large handle to fill it up then re-screw to secure the cap. After that, a few quick pumps of the handle and a pull of the trigger will get that water flowing!

In the ideal world, your kids will be able to rinse off their own feet before jumping in your nice clean car while you pack the boot.

As for kids washing the dishes while camping or hosing down dirty pets with our Beach Soul® showers, that’s a work in progress. However, you can check out how other Beach Soulers have put their showers to work!

Ergonomic design that makes carrying and storing simple

We won't knock the noble jerry can, but let's be honest: lugging one to the beach isn't practical.

When we built the first Beach Soul® Beach Shower, one of our main concerns was ensuring that it was also easy to carry and easy to store.

The large pump handle takes care of the easy-to-carry part, while the narrow profile of the tank itself and the flat bottom makes it easy to store. This means you're able to chuck it in the boot or throw it in your ute tray without having to reshuffle all your belongings - you can even throw it straight into your wetsuit bucket.

Then, when you're ready to wash yourself off, simply grab it by the handle and take it where it needs to go.

No complicated parts, nothing clunky or unwieldy about its design - just an enjoyable Beach Shower that can remove unwanted layers of sand, sea salt and dust from just about any surface!

That’s about as easy as it gets when it comes to portable pump-operated showers. But if you’ve never owned one before, this article will save you time (and money) by explaining what to look for when buying a portable shower.


Hands-free option with 6+ minutes of continuous water flow

It kinda sucks having to constantly switch between showering yourself off and keeping the water flow going.

Not a day-ruiner, mind you, but if you're late to work after catching one wave too many or you need to get the kids rinsed and home lickity split, it can be a nuisance.

So, in one of our lightbulb moments, we made sure each Beach Shower included a hands-free option whereby you can maintain a continuous water flow without having to squeeze the trigger.

This means you can literally shower yourself, your kids, your pets AND your gear without having to keep your finger constantly pressed down - the only requirement is that you keep pumping the handle to maintain pressure.

A total game changer if you ask us... and a game changer for past purchasers who love to multitask too!

High-quality BPA-free plastic construction

You've probably heard of the term 'BPA-free'.

It's everywhere nowadays and it's used in reference to products made from plastic. What is BPA though and why is it important that our Beach Showers don't contain it?

BPA stands for Bisphenol A. This is a chemical used in the making of plastics that is shown to have certain adverse health effects. Plastic products made using this chemical that are exposed to heat or heavy use can leech BPA, which definitely isn't good for you or us.

What is good is that we use BPA-free plastic to build Beach Soul® showers because we believe it's safer and healthier for people and the environment. This means you can purchase a Beach Shower with peace of mind knowing BPA isn't doing you or your family any harm.

Plus, with a robust black plastic construction, the water stays warm and you needn’t worry about rust!

Creative cover art by local Australian artists

We're not a corporate monolith with faceless board members intent on dominating the portable shower market. We're just a simple family-owned and operated Beach Shower brand that wants to give back to the community that's supported us!

One way we do this is by featuring cover designs from local Aussie artists on our Beach Shower models.

The Bliss Out Beach Shower cover design, for example, was created by professional surfer and full-time artist Sophie Fletcher of Sophie Fletcher Designs, while our Jamigam Beach Shower was created by a contemporary artist and Indigenous man of Torres Strait Islander ancestry, Zachary Bennett-Brook (aka Saltwater Dreamtime).

In our own humble opinion, these cover designs are one of the main reasons why our Beach Soul® showers are so unique - they have personality and they mark you as an outdoor-adventure-loving Beach Souler when other people recognise them!

Fill with hot water for warm post-session showers

We're not sure we want to meet the person who looks forward to a cold shower after surfing in freezing conditions.

It really is the only downside to those pumping winter days when the waves are firing at your local... and it might even halt you from paddling out!

So, to ensure you rack up a solid wave count or enjoy your winter swims to their fullest, we made it so our Beach Showers can hold warm water (<50˚C), meaning you can enjoy a luxuriously steam shower in the carpark post-session!

Better yet, the water stays warm for hours thanks to the neoprene cover that also acts as an insulator. No more having to cut your session short just to have a warm shower. No more using a water bottle for de-sanding your gear or skin.

Now you can rinse off with warm water after a surf or swim and head to work, home or your next adventure feeling clean and fresh thanks to our Beach Shower models.

100% electricity-free - no charging or batteries required

Our Beach Soul® showers are all about accessibility. And besides being so easy to use that even kids can get in on the act, they also don't require charging or batteries to run.

Simply fill up your Beach Shower, pump the handle and pull the trigger. You can then enjoy a steady stream of pressurised water that's powerful enough to wash away dirt or detritus from just about any surface!

You needn't remember to charge it overnight or buy new batteries when the old ones go flat. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to clean it every once and while. That's it!

You now have one less thing you need to worry about when trying to enjoy your beach or bush adventures to their fullest!

10 showerhead modes standard with every purchase

We always say there's a showerhead for every mood. But with 10 showerhead modes in total, that might be more moods than you'll ever go through!

Seriously though, 10 showerhead modes allow you to tailor your Beach Shower experience with just the right kind of pressure for whatever situation you find yourself in (learn more about run times here).

Do you need a gentle mist to cool off the kids during summer? Or perhaps you want a powerful jet to quickly get rid of sand before entering your vehicle? Maybe there’s a certain four-legged friend that’s been taking mud baths while off the lead?

No matter what the situation, it's all possible with our Beach Soul® showers!

What's not to love?


We're the first to admit that we're slightly biased when it comes to our Beach Showers, but we've worked super hard and tested lots of different features to bring you the product you see now.

In our opinion, each Beach Shower strikes the perfect balance between looking cool, being functional and not breaking the bank. So if you want to de-sand, de-dirt and de-stress your outdoor adventures, give our light and easy-to-use Beach Showers a go.

 We guarantee they'll take some of the hassle out of your daily adventures!

Find your perfect Beach Shower today