The Not-So-Obvious Benefits of Owning a Portable Camp Shower

Besides the obvious, which is to de-funk your armpits, enjoy a hot shower and ensure the kids don't look as feral as they behave, there are actually a bunch of other benefits to having a camping shower on your outdoor adventures.

We've tested a few of these out on our own camping trips and have been pleasantly surprised at just how useful they can be.

So, without further ado, let's dive into some of the not-so-obvious benefits of owning a portable camp shower.

Cleaning your camping gear

The first benefit of having an outdoor shower is that you can use it to clean your camping gear. After all, no one wants to pack away a filthy tent or muddy tarp at the end of a trip.

With a camping shower, you can easily rinse off any dirt or debris from your gear before packing it back into your vehicle and ensure that it's clean and ready to use the next time you get away for a weekend or two.

Better yet, since our portable camping shower has an adjustable hose, you can even pump it and bend it back around on itself and give the shower a shower!

Watering van plants

Got a cheerful little cluster of plants populating your van?

Whether they're purely decorative or herbs to spruce up your on-the-road meals, an outdoor shower with an adjustable shower head can be repurposed as a handy watering device.


Simply place your plants on a flat surface and give them a quick spritz using our portable camping showers.

It's much easier than almost drowning them with water from a bottle and more practical than bringing a watering can with you on your outdoor adventures!

Washing that evil pile of dirty dishes

We see you, evil pile of dirty dishes, and we know you're lurking in the corner of every campsite.

Thankfully, with the right camping shower, you can banish that dreaded pile of dishes with ease.

No more awkward balancing acts trying to wash dishes in a tiny sink or struggling to carry enough water from your campground's spigot.

 Man washing a pan while camping using a Beach Shower

With a pump-operated portable camping shower, you'll have plenty of water pressure to get those dishes squeaky clean, which means less wasted moments standing at the sink and more time enjoying your camping trip.

Let's not forget either that because you can turn our outdoor camping showers into a hot shower for dishes, it makes those evil piles easier to tackle on chilly days.

Doing your laundry while on the road

T-shirts and undies starting to stink up the campsite?

As much as we hate to think about it, campers have to deal with laundry while on the road.

You could visit the local laundromat to do this, however, if you've got a prime camping spot or you only need to do a light wash, why not channel your forbearers and do it the old-fashioned way--with a bit of water and some hard yakka?

Just fill a bucket or basin with water and some eco-friendly detergent, add your clothes and get to scrubbing.

The added bonus here is that you can use the same portable camping shower to rinse out your clothing before hanging it up to dry on a nearby tree branch.

Cleaning your pet’s coat and paws

Nothing brings a pet owner undone like the sight of dirty paw prints of specks of flicked mud all over the tent or camper. Fortunately, you can nip the problem in the bud with the right camping shower.

A gentle, controlled spray of water can quickly rid those muddy paws and dirty coats from any messes before they're tracked into your living or sleeping quarters.

And because an outdoor shower like ours has gentle shower head settings, you can rest assured that your furry friend won't be too overwhelmed by the experience either.

Descaling fish

Hooked a whopper and need to clean it before returning back to the campsite all triumphant like?

If you’ve purchased a camping shower, you can do this with ease. Simply lay down your catch on the ground or a chopping board and use your camp shower to hose off any scales or guts.

It's a much more hygienic and hassle-free way of doing things than using lake water or risking clogging up the campground's communal sinks.

Man washing his fishing rod on jetty

Extinguishing the last embers of a campfire

The whole pouring a bucket of water on a fire might look and sound dramatic, but it's also pretty dangerous. You risk putting out your campfire too quickly and being left with embers that are impossible to extinguish.

A camping shower, on the other hand, is perfect for these scenarios.

With a gentle spray of water, you can ensure that all the embers have been put out without risking any accidental flare-ups or burns.

This ensures you can sleep easily after hanging by the fire all night knowing that your campfire is safely extinguished and you're not leaving any potential hazards behind.

Cooling off on a hot day

When the mercury starts to climb on your camping trip and you're nowhere near a body of water, there's only one thing to do.

Strip down, immerse yourself in nature and enjoy a cooling rinse thanks to your trusty camping shower!

You don't have to worry about finding a public shower or risking the questionable hygiene of campground facilities.

Simply set up your camping shower in a private spot and let the refreshing water soothe you on those hot summer days.

Mud removal from hiking boots

Nothing sticks like clay-based mud to a pair of grippy hiking boots, and nothing sucks more than having to clean said mud using nothing but a bottle of water and your hands.

With the right camping shower and shower head setting, you can easily spray down your boots and remove all that pesky mud before it hardens and becomes impossible to get off.

Plus, because Beach Soul® portable camping showers can hold warm water, you can use them to give yourself a little foot spa while you're at it!

Washing hands before meals

Kiddos got a bad case of stickius fingeritis? Don't ask how they got them.

Instead, hit them with a blast of our camping showers instead.

Washing hands before each meal is a crucial part of maintaining good hygiene while on the road, but it's not like you always have a bathroom or water source nearby.

Thankfully, with our portable camping showers, you can easily fill the tank and set up a handwashing station to ensure that everyone's hands are squeaky clean before digging into their meals.

No more icky hands or grubby fingers at the table!

Final thoughts

All in all, it's clear that beyond being able to enjoy a high pressure hot water shower on your next camping trip, a portable Beach Shower can also provide a multitude of benefits.

From tackling those pesky piles of dishes to keeping your furry friends clean and cool, the possibilities are endless with a camping shower by your side.

So do yourself, your family and your pets a favour -- take some of the hassle out of your outdoor adventures and shop camping showers today!

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