Mission success / How our Beach Showers supported the CAMões expedition

The CAMões team (who we wrote about in this article) are proud to announce the successful completion of their mission in Gruta do Natal, an incredibly interesting and remote volcanic cave system on Terceira Island in the Azores. 

As mentioned previously, the purpose of this mission was to explore, map and collect scientific samples that could one day be used to support lunar missions and assist in climate research.

And with the help of our 8 litre portable Beach Showers, the scientists were able to do just that… and more!

With a jam packed 7-day schedule, our portable showers provided a fast yet effective solution for keeping clean and hygienic in such a rugged environment.

And while there was a real shower setup on the site, our Beach Showers were still utilised for tasks such as scrubbing dishes, cleaning samples and hand washing.

Thanks to the durable design and excellent water pressure, our portable showers proved to be extremely useful for the scientists. The showers even managed to hold up without leaking or tearing despite the ultra spiky and jagged volcanic rocks found throughout this cave.

Cave system in the Azores, Portugal

The potential discoveries and findings made by the CAMões team are now being analysed, with plans for publication and presentations in various scientific events and conferences.

This includes webinars in Portugal and the US as well as talks at the prestigious COP28 (United Nations Climate Change Conference) held annually.

In addition, a Springer book is also set to be published in 2025, showcasing the expedition's scientific findings and research. And for those looking for a more visual experience, a film documentary is planned to be released in summer 2024.

Two scientists looking at a computer screen in a dark cave

As part of our partnership with the CAMões team, any teasers or highlights from their mission will also be featured on our Beach Soul® social channels, bringing even more recognition to the important work being done by these scientists.

"We're so grateful for you all at Beach Soul®! Thanks so much for donating your Beach Showers and making our lives easier. Given how well they held up, we were actually able to leave them in the cave for future missions, so we're sure they'll continue helping the scientific and exploration community for years to come" - Researcher, scientist and Crew Zero member, Yvette Gonzalez 

On behalf of myself and Luis, the founders of Beach Soul®, we also want to express our gratitude to the CAMões team for trusting in our product and allowing us to be a part of this incredible expedition. 

We hope this successful collaboration can serve as inspiration for future partnerships between scientific research endeavours and sustainable, innovative companies like ours. 

Here's to many more missions and discoveries together. And who knows? Maybe one day our Beach Showers really will go to the moon!

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Scientists exploring a cave system with flashlights