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No electricity necessary. Zero complicated parts. Beach Soul® Beach Showers are the easiest, fastest and most convenient way to wash yourself, rinse the kids or hose down dirty pets.

More than just an outdoor shower brand

Not keen on contributing towards Big Shower? Don’t worry. We’re not some corporate behemoth with flashy offices in capitals around the world. We’re a 100% Australian mum and dad operation that started Beach Soul® in order to keep the kids clean and the beach at the beach.

Now we’re not only helping keep your outdoor adventures clean, relaxed and enjoyable, we’re also planting 1 tree for every order placed AND supporting local Aussie artists with our different cover designs.

Our ultimate mission? To bring like-minded beach and bush lovers together by building a community of sand, dirt and dust-free legends. Are you ready to join the Beach Soul® movement?


Jamigam 8L
Jamigam 8L
Jamigam 8L
Jamigam 8L
Jamigam 8L
Jamigam 8L
Jamigam 8L
Jamigam 8L
Jamigam 8L
Jamigam 8L
Jamigam 8L
Jamigam 8L
Jamigam 8L
Jamigam 8L

Jamigam 8L

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Love the Jamigam design but need a larger tank? The 8L variation of this incredibly popular model is the way to go. Featuring cover art by indigenous artist Zachary Bennett-Brook (a.k.a. Saltwater Dreamtime), every Jamigam 8L tells a story and inspires us to treat Mother Nature with respect. A go-anywhere, do-anything Beach Shower that won’t hold you back, the Jamigam 8L is as unique as it is useful.

Shower Easy With Your Beach Shower

Our portable shower easily fits into the back of any sized vehicle, can be taken absolutely anywhere and requires no batteries to use. It’s operated manually, with an easy hand pump to reach the desired water pressure.

There are 10 different shower head modes to choose from with a water run time of approx 2-6 minutes (depending on the shower head mode used).

The 4mm neoprene wetsuit cover helps keeps the tank water warm for winter or cool for summer.

Key Features

  • Cover art by Zachary Bennett-Brook (a.k.a. Saltwater Dreamtime)
  • Pressurised shower
  • Manual hand pump system
  • 10 mode multi-spray showerhead
  • 4mm removable insulated neoprene cover for warm/cold water
  • 2.1m (when extended) hard-wearing, tangle-free coiled hose
  • Black tank that hinders algae/bacteria growth and keeps your water warmer for longer
  • Large pump lever for easy pumping
  • Robust and sturdy base design that distributes weight appropriately so that it never tips over
  • Ergonomically designed handle to make carrying easier
  • Handsfree option for continuous water spray
  • Screw top with handle lock
  • Easy-pour feature for refilling
  • Safety air pressure release valve

Tech Specs

Product size: H56 x W18 cm

Product weight (empty): 1.735 kg

Product weight (full with water): 10.25 kg

Box size: H59 x W20 x D20 cm

Material: High-quality HDPE plastic (BPA-free)


Beach Souler Bag 'n' Mat

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Elevate your Beach Soul® Beach Shower experience with our Beach Souler Bag ‘n’ Mat.

An essential companion for any outdoor lover, this 100% waterproof carry bag and changing/rinsing mat combo make washing off post-adventure even easier. With a 50 L capacity, the easy-carry bag fits our Beach Showers and all your wet clothing or gear comfortably, so your vehicle stays dry, spotless and sand-free.

As for the non-slip mat, it makes removing stubborn dirt, dust and sand particles simple. No more getting into the car only to realise your feet are still grubby! Use them how and when you want, and give our bag and mat a new home in your boot today.

The Ultimate Beach Shower Companion

If you’re an active family, a before-work-surf fanatic, a travelling group of mates or anyone who loves the outdoors, our waterproof carry bag is a must-have addition to any Beach Shower setup.

Collapsible for easy storage and with welded handles, it’s a convenient everyday adventure companion that’s built for rough-and-tumble daily usage. Throw in the fact that the floor of the bag doubles as a non-slip changing/rinsing mat and de-salting and de-sanding post-beach just got a whole lot easier.

Why do I need a Beach Souler Bag 'n' Mat?

  • Collapsible structure that makes storing it a breeze while also eliminating the wasted space that comes with a conventional wetsuit bucket
  • Removeable PVC changing/rinsing mat that can be easily inserted into the floor of the bag for added convenience (plus… one less thing to remember)
  • Fully welded handles that greatly reduce the risk of ripping or tearing
  • 100% waterproof so water and sand stay where they belong and not in your vehicle
  • Grooved mat that prevents slippage while also catching muck and other grubby things as they’re rinsed away
  • Oversized handles which allow it to be slung over one shoulder for easy transport
  • With a 50 L capacity, you can fit multiple wetsuits and keep all your wet gear separate from your dry vehicle
  • Minimalist design means that it to can be hosed off in less than 1 minute and ready for your next adventure
  • Comes with a free cotton tote bag - not only will you have a bag for your boot, you'll have a bag for the beach too!

Tech Specs

Product capacity: 50 L

Product weight (empty): 1.3 kg

Mat size: H400 x W400 x D50 mm

Bag size: H410 x W410 x D410 mm

Mat material: Premium quality PVC

Bag material: 100% waterproof 500D PVC

Beach Souler Bag 'n' Mat
Beach Souler Bag 'n' Mat
Beach Souler Bag 'n' Mat
Beach Souler Bag 'n' Mat
Beach Souler Bag 'n' Mat
Beach Souler Bag 'n' Mat
Beach Souler Bag 'n' Mat
Beach Souler Bag 'n' Mat
Beach Souler Bag 'n' Mat
Beach Souler Bag 'n' Mat
Beach Souler Bag 'n' Mat
Beach Souler Bag 'n' Mat

Beach Soul®

Beach Showers

De-sand, de-dirt and de-stress your daily adventures

Love hitting the beach or going bush but loathe the mess that follows? With a few quick pumps of our Beach Showers, you can wash away unwanted layers of sand, salt, dirt or dust and simplify your adventures - Beach Soul® style!

Built tough and easy to store with 10 different showerhead modes included, our showers are the ultimate accessory for water fanatics and outdoor lovers. With a continuous run time of 2 to 6 minutes and a removable neoprene cover that keeps your water warm, you can rinse the kiddies off after the beach, tackle Mount Dirty Dishes while camping or enjoy an apres carpark shower post-surf - the possibilities are endless!

Learn more about how we’re making it easier than ever to get outdoors and experience life. Discover total shower freedom with Australia’s original Beach Shower brand today.

Pump-operated Beach Showers that make it easy to live your best life outdoors

No electricity necessary. Zero complicated parts. Beach Soul® Beach Showers are the easiest, fastest and most convenient way to wash yourself, rinse the kids or hose down dirty pets.

Are you sick of sandy car upholstery, the annoying feeling of salty skin on soft clothing or always trying to find a public shower or tap? With a Beach Soul® in your kit, you have access to a shower and hose wherever you go!

Pump-operated shower

We’re on a mission to make your life easier. For this reason, all models are pump-operated. This means you needn’t stress about sucking your car battery or finding a power source to use it. Just fill, pump and pull the trigger!

100% Australian brand

Beach Soul® is 100% Australian born and bred and our Beach Showers have been used extensively at the beach, in the bush and throughout the outback. We build for harsh environments that are off the beaten track.

Unlimited uses

From hosing off sandy feet post-beach and washing your pets to cleaning the tools after a day on the job and having a hot shower post-surf, our Beach Showers are for anyone needing a shower or pressurised hose while on the go!

for the sandy, dirty and dusty amongst you

Thanks to their simple yet sturdy design, our Beach Soul® showers can be used in an almost endless variety of different ways.

If you need a pressurised shower or source of fresh water, our showers have you sorted.

Here are just a few of the people

Who continue to use our Beach Showers:

  • Mums and dads with kids who need de-sanding after a beach day
  • Surfers looking to maximise their pre-work surf sessions
  • Pet owners who love their furry friends but dislike dirty paw prints
  • Festival goers in (desperate) need of a rinse
  • Campers with dirty dishes that are starting to pile up
  • Watersport fanatics who want to wash their equipment after use
  • Ocean lovers craving a warm shower after a winter dip
  • Surf school owners, dive boat operators, gear junkies, tradies and more!

trees planted

To date, we've planted more than native trees in Australia and around the world .

1 tree planted

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