10 Hacks to Get the Most Out of Your Beach Shower

Recently purchased a Beach Shower and want to make sure you're getting the most out of it? Look no further. 

If you want to banish sand, dirt or dust in the most efficient way possible AND ensure your portable shower investment stands the test of time, this article is a must-read. Below are 10 hacks gleaned from hundreds of Beach Shower buyers who swear by these tips to get the most out of their Beach Showers. 

Let's get to it! 

#1. Choose the right size portable shower for your needs 

Our Beach Showers come in 5L and 8L sizings. Choosing the correct size from the outset can save you a lot of time and hassle. 

As a rule of thumb, the more people using your Beach Shower, the bigger you can go. For families, groups or couples who are particularly active outdoors, an 8L portable shower is recommended. For solo travellers or couples seeking an on-the-go freshwater source to quickly rinse the body, gear or feet, a 5L should suffice. 

You can always check our sizing page for more detailed recommendations. 

#2. Don't leave water in the tank for more than 2 days 

Rinsing off with water that isn't 100% clean defeats the purpose of using our Beach Showers in the first place! 

Of course, leaving water in the tank for more than a couple of days won't do you any harm, but it's best to empty it and refill with fresh water before each use.  

This way you can be sure you're getting the cleanest and freshest water possible. 

#3. Always use biodegradable soaps and shampoos when camping 

We're big believers in treating nature with respect and using biodegradable products is one way to do just that. 

Besides planting one tree for every Beach Shower purchase, we also advocate for using environmentally friendly products while camping. 

Not only are these products safer for the environment, but they also won't harm any plants or animals that come into contact with them. You can learn more about our favourite eco-friendly soaps and shampoos by reading this article. 

Essentially, you're looking for products that are free of parabens, sulphates and other harsh chemicals that pollute natural water sources. 

#4. Remember... our Beach Showers can be solar heated 

Did you know that in addition to being lightweight and portable, our Beach Showers can also be used as a solar heated shower? 

Simply fill your Beach Shower with warm water from the tap (<50˚C and never boiling). Then, leave your Beach Shower in the sun either on the beach or near your campsite for a few hours. 

The neoprene cover will absorb heat from the sun and keep your water warm until you're ready to use it. Because nothing beats a warm shower in the great outdoors on a cool day! 

#5. Take advantage of all 10 showerhead modes 

If you were so inclined, you could literally use a different showerhead mode each day for almost two weeks straight. 

That's because our Beach Showers come with 10 different showerhead modes, each designed to suit different preferences and needs. From a gentle mist for delicate showers to a powerful stream for washing off tough dirt, there's a mode for everyone. 

Experiment with the modes and find your favourite, or switch it up every time you use your Beach Shower for a new shower experience each time. 

You can also check out this article for more information on how to use each showerhead mode effectively. 

#6. Use our Bag 'n' Mat combo for maximum convenience 

This is an essential companion for any outdoor lover -- a 100% waterproof carry bag and changing/rinsing mat combo that make washing off post-adventure a breeze! 

With a spacious 50L capacity, the bag fits Beach Showers and all your wet or sandy gear, ensuring your vehicle remains pristine. 

The bonus? You also get a non-slip mat for effortlessly cleaning off dirt, dust and sand and stepping into your shoes or car with clean feet. 

Trust us. The Beach Souler Bag 'n' Mat combo is perfect for any outing. Ours literally lives in the boot of our car for those impromptu adventures that happen more often than planned! 

#7. Treat your shower to a little tender loving care 

Like the family pet or your resin-tinted 9 foot surfboard, you need to show your Beach Shower some love. 

Yes, they're made to be sturdy, tough and almost impervious to the rigours of outdoor living, but a little TLC here and there will ensure it lasts for many trips to come. Here are a few tips on how to properly care for your Beach Shower and extend its lifespan: 

  • Remove the neoprene sleeve and hand wash only 
  • Clean the tank occasionally with an anti-bacterial tablet or a white vinegar and water solution 
  • Unscrew your pump handle every few months and check that the 4cm O-Ring is lubricated. If it looks dry, apply petroleum jelly to ensure the pump continues to move freely 
  • Keep your Beach Shower away from sharp objects to avoid tears or punctures 

Discover more information about how to care for your Beach Shower. 

#8. Don't throw away the spare parts bag 

See that little bag of spare parts that came with your Beach Shower? Don't throw it away. 

It contains various replacement parts that can be used to prolong the life of your Beach Shower. They're kinda like an 'Emergency Warranty Repair Kit' when you receive your Beach Shower. 

You shouldn't need them if you care for your Beach Shower properly, but it's always good to have them on hand just in case. So don't toss that bag away! 

Keep it in a safe place for future use and check out the warranty page for info on what these parts do and where they should go. 

#9. Go hands-free with the Beach Shower Holder 

Just when you thought our Beach Showers couldn't get any more convenient, along comes our Beach Shower Holder. 

This handy, lightweight accessory allows you to easily hang your Beach Shower on any flat surface, leaving both hands free for washing and rinsing. 

No more awkwardly trying to hold onto the showerhead while trying to scrub off dirt or sand. Simply stick the suction mount onto any flat surface and adjust the dial to secure it in place. Then, clip your Beach Shower nozzle into the holder and adjust the angle to your liking. 

The Holder makes showering in the great outdoors even easier and more convenient. So be sure to add it to your Beach Shower setup! 

#10. Help us simplify the lives of other likeminded adventure-lovers 

Last but not least, spread the love and show others just how great your Beach Shower really is. 

Follow us on social media if you don’t already and share your photos using #beachsoul or #beachsoulbeachshowers. Alternatively, you can leave a review to help other outdoor enthusiasts discover the convenience and practicality of your Beach Shower. 

Don't forget either that for every Beach Shower sold, we plant a tree. So the more people using our environmentally friendly Beach Showers, the more trees we'll plant and the better it is for our planet. 

Join us in our mission to make outdoor living easier, cleaner, and more sustainable by sharing your love for Beach Soul® portable showers with others. 

Final thoughts 

Now that you're part of the Beach Soul® family, we hope you'll enjoy your Beach Shower for many adventures to come. Whether it's camping, beach trips or any outdoor activity with the potential to get a little grubby, our Beach Showers have got you covered. 

We're always looking for ways to improve and innovate, so if you have any suggestions or feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. 

Be sure to stay tuned for new product releases and updates by following us on social media or subscribing to our newsletter too. Happy showering! 

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